Truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries

Any vehicle accident is traumatic for those involved, but accidents that include 18-wheelers often result in more frequent injuries. If a passenger vehicle is in a wreck with a large truck, those in the smaller vehicles are more vulnerable to serious injuries.

Catastrophic injuries can occur to those who are in wrecks with semi trucks. This may include spinal fractures or other broken bones. Your Dallas truck accident attorney will advise you of the steps you should take after you call 911. You will also have already checked out passengers in your vehicle, and in the truck, for injuries. Take down the names, phone numbers and insurance information for anyone who was involved in the accident.

When you suffer catastrophic injuries as the result of negligence on the part of an 18-wheeler driver, it may take a long time for you to recover. Recovery may involve many hours of medical treatment and physical rehabilitation. Even then, you may not regain your previous health status. Some injuries may be permanent.

Your Dallas truck accident attorney, Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, has familiarity with truck accident cases, and will know that their consequences can be wide-ranging and extensive. The physical consequences are serious, and you will also be emotionally and financially damaged, as well. Your injuries may result in disability, whether that is short or long-term.

Negligence by a truck driver is much more serious than that of a passenger vehicle driver. This is due to the fact that their vehicles are heavier and more powerful and can cause substantial damage. Your experienced Dallas truck accident attorney knows how to pursue claims for proper compensation for medical expenses, in the near past, the present and the future. You may also be compensated for emotional trauma, pain and suffering and any other damages you incurred.

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