Truck malfunction causes fatal accident

Mechanical errors are always an inconvenience, but when they occur in large, moving
machinery, the results can be catastrophic. Such was the case on the morning of March
7, 2014, when a decorated and experienced police officer was killed in a collision. The
officer’s cruiser was hit by a truck that, along with its cargo load, weighed well over
three tons. The weight and the winding hill may have caused the brakes on the truck to
fail, resulting in the tragic collision.

Recovering in the wake of such a tragic accident is difficult for anyone who was close to
the deceased, but it can be even harder when there is no one to blame. In many cases,
someone will be held accountable, even in an accident due to mechanical error. This
may be the company that owns the truck, since they are responsible for both the
maintenance on the truck and the fact that it was carrying such a heavy load, which may
have contributed to the mechanical failure. However, it is also true that sometimes
accidents just happen, as hard as that can be to accept when such a celebrated
individual is killed.

One thing is for sure: in such accidents, it is very important that if there is someone who
is responsible for the accident, they are held to account for it, both monetarily and
legally. Finding a Dallas truck accident attorney can help you receive the proper closure
and compensation if you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck
accident. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is one of the options for such attorneys in Dallas. Our
team of lawyers works hard to reach solutions that place the responsibility for the results
of such accidents on the right shoulders.

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