California truck collision kills officer

March 7 marked a tragic truck accident in Los Angeles California. A dump truck crashed into a police car, injuring one occupant and killing the other. The dump truck lost control at an intersection and collided forcefully with the police cruiser, damaging it severely due to the much larger size of the truck. Currently, evidence seems to indicate that the truck had a brake failure, making the error mechanical rather than human, but no less terrible.

The officer who was killed was an experienced member of the force and is mourned by many officials as well as by his family and friends. It is certainly shocking to consider how quickly someone’s life can be wrenched away by an accident such as this, even when no one is at fault.

Truck accidents are always more dangerous, especially if it is a mixed traffic accident, where a truck hits a smaller vehicle. Police cruisers are fairly durable, but even they cannot stand up to a huge dump truck, much less even larger trucks.

While no one caused this accident, many other accidents involving trucks are caused by driving errors. Also, if the brake failure was due to neglect of the truck or a manufacturing issue, the people who should have been preventing such problems may be held responsible for the death and injury caused by the accident.

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